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This institute is specifically designed to accommodate military historians from many professional spaces, including academics, service historians, cultural heritage professionals, and others.

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Funding Notice for Federal Employees: Please note that you wish to attend in your official government capacity, NEH funds may not be used for a stipend, travel, subsistence, or other related fees (due to the dual compensation prohibition). In this instance, your agency or branch should pay as they would do for other professional training opportunities.

If you would be attending in your personal capacity and you would be taking annual leave from a government job, then we can cover your travel and lodging. Please check with your individual agency about how much funding you can receive from the NEH and how much will need to be paid by your agency.

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If you meet the following criteria, we welcome your application to this institute:

We will prioritize applications from these groups:

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Application deadline: January 24, 2020

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Email project director Abby Mullen at